• Patented M42 Bandsaw Blade especially developed for profiles and pipes
  • Hardness of HRC68-69
  • The "Protector" on the back side of the teeth prevents the "Domino effect"

Icon 01 Baustahl 100

Construction Steel

Icon 05 Edelstahl 100

Stainless Steel

Icon 10 Aluminiumwerkstoffe 100 Aluminium
Icon 02 Verguetungsstahl 33 Heat Treatment Steel Icon 09 Kugellagerstahl 33

Bearing Steel

Icon 11 Nickelwerkstoffe 33 Nickel Alloys
Icon 03 Kaltarbeitsstahl 33 Cold Work Die Steel Icon 07 Schnellarbeitsstahl 33

High Speed Steel

Icon 11 Nickelwerkstoffe 33 Titan Alloys
Icon 04 Warmarbeitsstahl 33 Hot Work Die Steel Icon 08 Hochwarmfest 33

Heat Resisting Steel

Icon 13 Kupferwerkstoffe 100 Copper Alloys
    Icon 06 Gussstahl 100

Cast Iron


schwarzerKreis grau Quadrat grau

Line Up

2/3 2/3WS 3/4 3/4WS 4/6 5/7 6/10 8/12 10/14
    positive rake angle
20 0,9         circle red circle red circle red    
27 0,9     ball red   ball red ball red ball red ball red ball red
34 1,1     ball red circle red ball red        
41 1,3 circle red circle red ball red circle red ball red        
54 1,3     circle red circle red         
54 1,6 circle red circle red ball red circle red circle red        
67 1,6 circle red  circle red  circle red circle red           
ball red   Standard circle red  Special
WS Wide Set  



  • M42 cobalt high-speed steel provides superior wear resistance. Being treated with Amada's unique heat treatment technology, this steel exhibits a performance that it highest in the class. It is broadly suitable for cutting general steel through hard-to-cut materials.

  • PROTECTOR added on the back face of the tooth tip suppresses excessive cutting and prevents continuous chipping from occurring.

  • As the tooth tip is made stronger, it endures impacts caused during intermittent cutting. At the same time, high cutting efficiency is assured.

  • The broaching style set pattern was designed to eliminate pinching, therefore preventing the blade from binding in the cut.


When a roll formed large size H-beam is cut, a pinching symptom may occur in some cases where the blade is caught by the material being cut. In order to prevent such a symptom, please use the WS (wide set) type of "PROTECTOR M42". The WS type of 'PROTECTOR M42" is more reinforced with respect to prevention of pinching than the WS type of any other conventional blade model.


top usable: usable: limited usable:
Construction Steel, Aluminium Alloys, Copper Alloys
1.1121, 1.0711, 3.0255
3.0255, 1.2510, 1.1249, 1.1260, 1.7264, 1.7218, 1.5066, 1.5406, 1.5419 1.6955, 1.3802, 1.6546, 1.0711, 1.0718


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