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AMADA’s superior machine and tooling technology is delivered to nations in the whole world

AMADA has bases not only in Japan but also throughout the world, including North and South America, Europe, Asia and other countries. Through its strong network, voices of customers are directly fed back to development and production departments. In addition to accommodating the customer needs, AMADA continue to develop technologies and products one step ahead.

Currently, metal processing machines, peripheral equipments, toolings, and band saw blades are being manufactured in Japan, Europe, U.S., China and Taiwan. The R&D for new products and core technologies are the main roles of Japan. The Automation Technology is being researched and developed in Italy, while the Software is being developed in India and U.S. as well as in Japan. AMADA has been streamlining the manufacturing facilities, so all of the customers worldwide can enjoy the high quality products made by AMADA. We, at AMADA, are strenuously endeavoring to provide products that meet the users’ needs.

In addition, AMADA has been working in worldwide evolution of AMTP (AMADA Machine Tool Plaza) where the essence of AMADA’s technology including steel-frame processing lines, presses and various sheet metal working machines besides band saw machines is exhibited and demonstrated as well as direct communicative exchange with customers takes place.

The impetus behind all AMADA's innovation and developments is to identify users' requirements and provide a technological solution for these. Outstanding customer proximity, a partnership-based business relationship and continuous dialog form the ideal basis for this.

For almost 70 years, AMADA's intensive discussions with customers, conducted to reveal their technological requirements, have been the key to developing practical solutions which combine both economic efficiency and productivity.

We at AMADA take pride in being the leaders in the machine and tooling technology for almost 70 years!

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