Visions & Values

Company Philosophy

We are

a firm competing successfully in the metal industry and a 100% subsidiary of the AMADA Group, one of the world’s largest manufacturer of metal processing machines and tools as well as the world’s largest supplier of saw and bending technologies. We strive to manufacture and sell premium quality products. By means of highest quality and precision, our products excel others on the market. Solid business partnerships with customers and suppliers from the basis of our terms of business.

We offer

specialized solutions, aiming to provide our customers with the greatest possible value. This is accomplished by focusing on problems and avidly meeting our customers’ special needs. With their needs our customers thus challenge us to act. We maintain personal contact, caring for customers in a friendly way, with a pleasant manner and competent advice. We are consistently concerned about meeting customers’ needs and identifying new product trends.

We recognize

our company’s success as the result of all of our employees’ efforts; Human Capital is our greatest potential. Commitment, friendliness and strong qualification are intrinsic to this. Our behavior towards one another is open, direct and natural. The welfare of each and every employee is important to us. We expect and demand the best possible performance.

We fulfill

the wishes and needs of our customers. We perceive ourselves as reliable and competent partners of our market. Our business activities are oriented along the lines of customers’ needs. We follow the principles of the ISO-NORMS and comply with ISO 9001 (quality management system) as well as ISO 14001 (environmental management system).

We are all

dedicated to these company principles and to the convictions and values contained therein. We run the company in accord with the principles of the free market economy. Qualitative and strategic expansion along with continuous investment in the enlargement of the production facilities and machinery ensure the firm’s continued stability as well as job security at the manufacturing site in Ternitz.


AMADA Austria GmbH
Wassergasse 1
2630 Ternitz  Austria
Phone: +43 2630 35170
Fax: +43 2630 35165

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