• Coated Carbide Tipped Bandsaw Blade
  • High wear resistance due to the new developed EXCOAT-DP coating
  • Microchamfer on the tooth tips allows highest cutting rates at reduced tooth chipping
  • Universally usable for toolsteel
  • Highest performance on Amada's PCSAW-Series

 Layout Axcela G1

Icon 01 Baustahl 100

Mild Steel

Icon 05 Edelstahl 100

Stainless Steel

Icon 10 Aluminiumwerkstoffe 33


Icon 02 Verguetungsstahl 100

Heat Treatment Steel

Icon 09 Kugellagerstahl 33

Bearing Steel

Icon 11 Nickelwerkstoffe 100

Nickel Alloys

Icon 03 Kaltarbeitsstahl 100 Cold Work Die Steel Icon 06 Gussstahl 100

Cast Iron

Icon 12 Titanwerkstoffe 100

Titan Alloys

Icon 04 Warmarbeitsstahl 100

Hot Work Die Steel

Icon 07 Schnellarbeitsstahl 100

High Speed Steel

Icon 13 Kupferwerkstoffe 100 Copper Alloys
    Icon 08 Hochwarmfest 100

Heat Resistance Steel


offenerKreis grau Punkte grau

Stahl grau

Line Up

t 0,9/1,1 1,4/1,6 1,8/2 2/3
    B3 B3 B2 B2
    positive rake angle
41 1,3     ball red circle red 
54 1,6 circle red ball red ball red  
67 1,6 circle red ball red circle red  
ball red  Standard circle red  Special



Tooth Pattern




Excoat DP:

  • Highest hardness and wear resistance, as well as superb heat resistance.
  • The ultimative premiumcoating for Carbide Blades.



Microchamfer on the tooth tip:

  • Achieves ultra high cutting rates and reduces tooth chipping.  



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